Tougher Rules for Non-EU Students by UK!

Reports say that the Immigration Minister of the UK, Damian Green is intending to come out with new measures that would make sure that brightest and best migrants enter the country when it comes to getting employment or opting for various study options in the nation.

Hence, in an attempt to come out with stringent measures, a call would be made to make the immigration rules stringent for non-EU students intending to study in various educational institutions in Britain.

Reports further say that Green would address a speech in the coming times. He would address the issues linked with excessive immigration and would state that the present number of overseas students in UK are “unsustainable.” In addition, he is expected to speak on reducing Immigration in the future times. According to him, only the best and the brightest lot should enter the country.

The stringent rules would be a part of the strategy which would cut down the rates of the overall immigration in the country, the figures which saw a major hike under Labour. It has been believed that the student visa system serves as an easy, yet illegal way to gain entry in other countries.

He would say in his speech that our country needs smart immigration rules that would ensure that only those people enter the country which are needed by us.

Various countries are coming out with rigid immigration regulations to ensure that apt people enter the country. Hence, prospective immigrants who are intending to immigrate must take assistance from legal consultants to avoid any hassles and denials in future.

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