2,000 students hit by the Cease of Oz colleges!

More than 2,000 international students, including Indians and other Asian communities were badly hit by the sudden downfall of four major private Australian educational institutions. The worse part is that all the faculty members working in the colleges were suddenly told that they were out of jobs while the students were kept informed about the same.

Therefore students coming to attend their colleges were left aghast and confused after knowing about the closure. Most of them were about to get their degrees in just two weeks, and with this kind of incident happening,  their future is surely looking in trouble.

Speculations are that more than 2,700 international students would suffer from this catastrophe, including the ones who are yet to appear for their exams.

Government has been quick in responding that the concerned students would be looked after. Australia has always been a prospective country when it comes to getting an applauded education. But with an incident of this kind, it becomes a must to find its root cause and know the exact reason behind this situation.

The four colleges were run by the Global Campus Management/Meridian Group, a company that is now in the hands of administrators.

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