Indian Adoption Procedures for Foreign Nationals!

India is predicted to have the largest population of youth in the coming years. This is one asset that the country can bank on in the future. But the future totally depends on the present. But a developing country with a population in such huge numbers poses a threat to the right growth and development of the future citizens.

Many foreign nationals set their eyes on India to adopt children. However, adopting a child in India is not a cake walk. A foreign national could adopt an Indian child under the Guardian and Wards Act 1890. All foreign nationals have to prove that they are genuine and in a condition to raise a child in the Indian court and as per the Indian laws.

The Indian government would first assess the foreign national to see whether he is fit to take care and raise the child. This would be done by a Social/Child Welfare Agency that has been registered and recognized by the government of that country where the foreigner belongs to. This agency would sponsor the application and would also appoint a professional social worker to create a Home Study report. This report should also mention the reasons for sponsorship of the foreigner’s application. Also, the family background, academic qualification and work profile and history, marital status and so on. With this, a thorough assessment has to be carried for the prospective guardian.

With this, the required documentation must also be done to complete the procedure on time. An Immigration and Visa expert is the best person when it comes to the visa and the application procedures for you and your child. He would also guide you appropriately for the documentation part as well. The documents should include a latest family photograph, certification from a medical doctor proving the physical fitness of the applicant, financial documents and a declaration as an evidence of the willingness of the applicant to adopt a child.

This is to be followed by the procedure in the court under the jurisdiction of the Social and Welfare Child Agency in India. Being a tedious process, a foreign national can always take the expert advice of an Immigration and Visa expert. He would be aware of all the legal aspects of a specific country. Based on his experience, he would be able to suggest the apt steps that could be taken to complete the formalities soon. So, contact a consultant today!

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