Changes in the Canadian Immigration Policies!

According to a recent report brought out by the Auditor General – Sheila Fraser in Canada, there are major issues with reference to the Canadian Immigration system. To overcome these faults, amendments have been proposed by Ottawa. However, if speculations are to be believed, little has been done to foresee the relative after effects.

The report states that the immigration policies are catering more to the individual provinces and the employers hiring immigrants. But nothing is being done to dig out the illegal and fraudulent cases being attempted. This mainly refers to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program which permits many low skilled migrants for jobs including construction workers or nannies and so on.

With such immigrants, some of whom can’t even talk in English, the employers tend to abuse these workers which include paying low wages and so on. The Canadian government hold these immigrants in high regard and thus feels that nothing specific is being done to stop the abuse that the program has catered to.

With the help of this program, some employers also tend to bring in their relatives on these visas which probably could have been availed by a more deserving candidate. Also, these employers are then overseeing the family – reunification rules.

Looking into the above aspects, the Foreign Worker program is set to undergo changes since it plays a major role in the building the Canadian economy.

The report also states that the Provincial Nominee program is expected to become a major source for immigration where as the Federal Skilled Migrant program is going to fall down comparatively. Also, no minimum set criteria has been identified by Ottawa for the workers selected by the provinces. Thus, a review has also been called for all these programs.

Since Canada considers all its immigrant population an asset, it is important that as a prospective immigrant, you don’t fall prey to the above nuisances. Thus, it is best that you contact an Immigration and Visa Specialist who deals with Canadian immigration. He would be able to guide you with all the aspects and provide you with the relevant information regarding the incomes, salaries and wages and so on. So, Contact one today!

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