Oz New Visa Measures For Students!

In a quick response to the recent closures of four Australian institutions, the Aussie government has come out with new measures for overseas students, commencing from Jan 1, 2010.

Earlier, it was mandatory for the international students requiring a new visa to pay the A$540 student visa application charge if they want to enroll themselves in another educational institute and continue with their studies. According to the new visa measures, these students will be exempt from paying the same, confirmed Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Senator Chris Evans. He further explained that the introduction of these beneficial measures would assure that international students are not burned with any additional financial stress.

The Australian government has also increased the minimum financial requirements for the international students. From Jan 1, 2010, it would become essential for the international students to show a proof of their financial funds of a minimum of A$18,000 (earlier it was A$12,000).

In another damage control measure, Australian PM will arrive in India on 11 November for a short visit. He will be watching the India-Australia ODI on Wednesday and hold talks with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday. The topic of discussion would be dominated by racial attacks on Indians.

Lots of India-Australian activities on one day!

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