Tougher Immigration Rules on UK Student Visas!

The UK immigration department is very particular on the students that it permits to reside on its land. When it comes to those students who belong to the Non – EU countries, it is mandatory that these students apply to only registered universities and accredited by the Home Office. The students must show evidence that they can support themselves. With this, all students must cater to the immigration rules and policies.

Over the years, it has been seen that there has been an increase in the number of students coming to the UK. According to the authorities, there have been instances when the flights had to be called off because there had been so much of backlog which included even those immigrants with valid visas. But then due to many fraudulent practices being carried out, it has been getting difficult on the candidates to be suspected. Thus, at times all of them are allowed to enter the country leading to illegal immigration.

In addition to the above, the immigration officials claim to know that the institutions with renowned history are known to give out fake degrees or qualifications. Many cases have been caught where in the immigrants had no clue about the course they had enrolled for. More so, they couldn’t even speak English properly.

On the contrary the points based system is claimed to allow only those colleges and universities which cater to quality education and are responsible for their international students. In addition, schools and colleges are thoroughly inspected by the bodies responsible including the UK Border Agency to authorize them as being credible.

Initially, there were around 4000 such institutions in the UK which has now reduced to 2000 post scrutiny measures being put into effect. Thus, if you are student planning to study in the UK, we suggest that you contact an Immigration and Visa Consultancy firm dealing with UK student visas. This way, you can avoid all the unnecessary hassles since a consultant would know all the apt measures that need to be taken.

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