232611 Urban & Regional Planner (Australia)!

All those occupations which are in high demand in Australia are listed in ANZSCO. Urban & Regional Planner is one of those applications present on it. Therefore people in this profession may regard Australia as their ultimate destination to immigrate. The occupation is listed on both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4; hence the candidate holds an advantage of applying under either of the two. Here are some of the tasks and responsibilities listed on it:

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • The applicant needs to compile and analyze data on various aspects that are affecting land use.
  • He needs to confer with higher authorities including government officials, architects, people associated with social work,, development and environment authorities, to name a few.
  • Stay up to date with all the facts.
  • Provide advice on urban and regional planning and review environmental impact reports.
  • He may speak on public meetings and go in front of the government officials to discuss planning aspects with them.
  • Some of the specializations in the field are Land Planner, Town Planner and Traffic and Transport Planner.


  • The applicant needs to have at least a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree or higher qualification to qualify for the same.

The responsibilities and qualifications are NOT limited to the above points. To know more, mail at ajay@abhinav.com

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