Opportunities Ontario General Category: Investors!

The Opportunities Ontario program enables the Ontario government to choose specific foreign skilled migrants who could cater to the needs of the businesses in the province. Since it is an investment program where in the companies are invited to invest in Ontario, one element of this program involves firms recruiting or deploying employees in Ontario to ensure appropriate functioning of the organization.

In other words, the Opportunities Ontario General Category along with employers allows investors or businesses to recruit overseas workers. Or, through the General Category, companies which are making big investments in the Canadian province of Ontario can hire their key professionals to work for them in the province. To be eligible to recruit foreign workers, companies making investments in Ontario must make a minimum investment of 3 million dollars or more in the province. Besides, they must generate minimum five permanent full-time job positions within the province.

Apart from companies, individual investors can also reap the advantage of the Opportunities Ontario nominee program. As far as individual investors’ eligibility criteria are concerned, they are required to fulfill the following:

  • Either an individual should invest a minimum of 1 million dollar in the business, or he/she must have a 33.3 percent control of the business.
  • The individual must have an active role in the business’ daily management.
  • The investor must have generated minimum five new positions for which Canadian permanent residents or citizens have been recruited.

For more information on the procedure of recruiting foreign workers by investors through Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant!

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