261212 Web Developers, immigrate to Australia

These a day’s people who are qualified in a specific field are migrating to other countries in large number. There are many occupations which are in demand all over the world. A web developer is among one of them. In Australia web developer is listed in SOL– skilled occupation list. This list contains those occupations which are currently in demand in Australia.

Occupation Code 261212 web developer plans, produce and maintain websites using web applications, programming languages, software, databases, and technologies together with the specification of the need of the user, often in conjunction with other ICT professionals such as web designers and network, business analysts, and usability specialist.

This occupation requires a bachelor degree or higher qualification. At least 5 years of experience can substitute the requirements of formal qualification. In some cases, relevant job training or work experience may require along with the formal qualification.

Let us discuss some of the tasks performed by the web developer.

  • Developing, designing and analyzing the internet sites by applying a mixture of creativity and artistry with software programming and scripting languages and by interfacing with the operating environment.
  • Developing and designing digital animation, presentation, imaging, audio, games, and video clips, and internet applications using multimedia software, utilities and tools, programming languages and interactive graphics.
  • Communicate with network specialist regarding web-related issue, such as to control and enforce internet and web server security, security and hosting websites, space allocation, business continuity, user access, website backup, and disaster recovery plan.
  • Developing and designing and integrating computer code with other specialized inputs such as auto files, image files, scripting languages, to maintain and produce support websites.
  • Assisting in analyzing, developing and specifying internet strategies, development plans and web-based methodologies.

The above task shows that this occupation is quite challenging and interesting. This occupation may require skill assessment during the visa processing. Skill assessment is done in the immigration process in almost every visa category of Australian immigration. Skill assessment assesses applicant’s various aspects such as skills, qualification, experience, age, adaptability skills etc.

Skill assessment makes sure that applicant is capable of adapting Australian environment easily or not. Applicant must score minimum required points to clear skills assessment. Applicant must show his/her financial condition. This is done to show that applicant can support himself/herself in Australia or not.

Once migrating under skilled worker program applicant can also apply for a permanent resident visa. A permanent resident visa allows migrant to reside and work in Australia permanently. Australian skilled worker program is one of the most popular programs in Australia. Large numbers of skilled worker are migrating to Australia under this program.

There is a good scope for skilled workers in Australia. Australia is the dreamland of many people. The kind of infrastructure, facilities, opportunities, scope, environment, education is attracting people in large number. Australia has always welcomed people who are qualified and skilled and especially those who can help in the growth of the Australian economy. So if you have required qualification and are willing to migrate to Australia then you should not wait further as this is an appropriate time for migration.

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