263112 Network Administrators, immigrate to Australia

Australia is the dreamland of many skilled workers. Qualified workers are migrating to Australia. There is a good scope of opportunities for skilled worker in Australia. Network administrator is among one of the demanded occupation in Australia.

Occupation code 263112 network administrators install and maintains software and hardware, documents diagnosis and resolution of faults, and also manages user password, inventory and security documentation. Network administrator ensures the efficient performance of personal computer, printers and servers, and also attends other operational tasks. They even perform tasks such as user training and help desk support.

This occupation requires either bachelor degree or higher qualification. Relevant experience of 5 years can replace the requirements of formal qualification. Job training or relevant work experience may require along with the qualification requirement in this occupation in some cases.

Some of the tasks performed by network administrator are

  • Developing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating the complex system design and architecture specification diagrams and data model in the development, configuration and integrating of computer system.
  • Analyzing, researching, evaluating, and monitoring infrastructure to ensure network are configured so as to operate at optimal performance.
  • Recommending and assessing improvement to network operation and integrated software, hardware, operating system and communication.
  • Providing specialist skills in supporting and troubleshooting emergencies and network problems.
  • Configuring, installing, maintaining and testing and also administrating upgraded and new networks, servers, software database applications and workstation
  • Providing network programming in the support of specific business requirements and needs
  • Maintaining and preparing procedures and network inventory and recording diagnosis and resolution of network faults, modification and enhancement to network and maintenance instruction.
  • Monitoring network traffic and activity capacity and usage to ensure continued integrated and optimal network performance.

Applicants in this occupation are eligible for skilled migration under various programs. Before applicant can migrate to Australia as a skilled migrant applicant must get his/her skill assessed by a relevant national assessment authority skill assessment authority. Assessment authority for network administrator is the ACS- Australian computer society.

If applicant want to claim points for his/her qualification or for work experience in the nominated or closely related occupation then applicant must forward all the relevant documents to the relevant skill assessment authority. Based on applicant’s documents the assessing authority will provide advice to the department of immigration and citizenship on applicant’s work experience and qualification.

Once migrating under this occupation applicant can also apply for permanent resident visa. PR visa let migrant to reside and work in Australia. Australia is the land of opportunity. Australia is offering good opportunities to various professionals of different field. People who have required qualification and skills should apply for Australian visa this is the right time for one to apply for Australian visa.

Australian visa is one of the most demanded visas. Australia welcomes skilled worker especially those who can support Australian economy. Applicant under this occupation must show that he/she can support himself/herself in Australian financially. This is one of the most aspect that applicant needed to show before migrating to Australia as without this, applicant will be unable to migrate.

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