263113 Network Analysts’, immigrate to Australia

Australia has good scope of opportunities for almost every professional. If you are a skilled worker and have qualification that is required in Australia then this is the right option for you. Network analyst previously referred as 2231-13 system designer in ASCO.

Occupation Code 263113 network analysts’ researches and analyses network architecture and recommend strategies and policies for designing, coordinating and planning an organization’s network such as total system environment and architecture. Network analyst also perform operational task such as ministering system performance, hardware and software upgrades, support, backup, network and support maintenance.

This network analyst requires either bachelor degree or higher qualification. Formal qualification can be substitute by at least 5 years of relevant experience. Job training or work experience may require along with the formal qualification in some of the cases.

Applicants under this occupation are eligible for skilled migration under various programs. There are various tasks performed by network analyst which are as follows

  • Developing, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating complex system design and architecture specification, diagrams, data models, in the development integration and configuration of computer system.
  • Analyzing, researching and evaluating and ministering network infrastructure so as to ensure network are configured to operate at optimal performance.
  • Recommending, assessing and improving network operation and integrated software, hardware operating system and communication.
  • Providing specialist skills in supporting and troubleshooting network problems and emergencies.
  • Testing, configuring, maintaining, installing and administering upgrade and new network.
  • Providing networking program in support of specific business requirements and needs.
  • Monitoring network activity capacity and traffic and usage to ensure the continued integrity and optimal network performance
  • Maintaining and preparing documentation and procedure for network inventory and recording diagnosis and resolution of network faults, modification and enhancement to network and maintenance of instruction.

These are some of the tasks performed under network analyst. These tasks make this occupation more interesting. As I said applicant under this occupation are eligible for skilled migration. So before migrating under skilled migration, applicant must get his/her skills assessed by relevant national assessing authority. This is the most important step under skilled migration program. This step makes sure that the applicant migrating to Australia is efficient and effective and can support Australian economy.

Skill assessment considers applicant’s age, qualification, language (Australian official language), work experience etc. Points are awarded accordingly. There is a specific and minimum point limit that applicant must score to clear the skill assessment successfully.

Skill assessment for network analyst is Australian Computer Society (ACS). Applicant can always gain extra points for the qualification and work experience. If you want to gain extra points then you must forward all the relevant documents regarding qualification and work experience to the assessment authority. Assessment authority will provide advice to the department of immigration and citizenship. On the provided advice the points will be awarded accordingly.

Many occupations requires licensing and registration so before migration make sure you have enquired about the registration and licensing requirement for this occupation or not as there are many occupations which requires licensing and registration in Australia.

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