261313 Software Engineer – ANZSCO!

The ANZSCO list of occupations acquaints the prospective skilled applicants of the occupations which are in high demand in Australia. The applicant is required to meet some of the main duties mentioned here. Software Engineer is one of the most demanded occupations and is listed on the list of ANZSCO in Australia. Applicants who are intending to apply under General Skilled category are needed to fill occupation under Schedule 3. If the occupation is listed in Schedule 4, the applicant must apply under the Sponsored (State Nomination/Blood Relation) or under Regional Programs.

This occupation is listed in both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4. People linked with this occupation have tasks related to designing and modifying the operating environment linked with software and hardware of the system. Database Designer is one of the specializations linked with the occupation of Software Engineer.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • The applicant must consult the users to know their requirements and work in accordance with that.
  • Other tasks include developing, testing and installing the software and other utilities.
  • Test the efficiency of new software and craft documents related with their usage and maintenance


  • Bachelor Degree or a higher educational degree in the concerned field or have a minimum experience of five years in the concerned area.
  • In exceptions, companies require both additional qualification as well as mandatory experience in the concerned field.

There are other qualifications and job responsibilities linked with this profession. Mail at [email protected] and know more.

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