Opportunities Ontario (Provincial Nominee Program): General Category!

Under the General Category of the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, employers can hire skilled international workers for a job position. The nominated employees can be the ones who live outside Canada, as well as who reside in Canada lawfully. The latter can be the ones who hold temporary work visas, or visitor visas.

Employers when applying for the nominations, they must mention whether they are applying nominations for foreign workers from foreign land or workers who reside in Canada with legal status. As for the prospective nominees who are in Canada already as temporary workers or visitors, they must demonstrate through their respective credentials that they are lawfully residing in the country.

Let us have a look at the process followed under the General Category:

The process involved is a two-step application process. At the first stage, the participating employers are required to submit a pre-screen application to the Opportunities Ontario. With this application, the employers request positions for which they require international workers. It is noteworthy that those pre-screen applications are processed first which arrive first. Those employers’ applications are likely to get processed on priority basis if it is found that the employers have looked for Canadian citizens/ permanent residents of Ontario in order to fill those positions before applying to the Opportunities Ontario.

At the second stage, the individuals who have got the clearance or recruited by some employers are required to submit a nominee application to the Opportunities Ontario. Here as well, the processing service is provided to those that arrive first.

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