261311 Analyst Programmer in Australia!

The ANZSCO list of occupations consists of those jobs for which there is a demand for skilled professionals in the Australia. Australia has two lists of occupations for applicants who wish to apply under skilled migrant category. One list is called Schedule 3 and the other list is Schedule 4. Occupations that appear in Schedule 3 can apply under general skilled migrant program. Qualifying applicants may file under general skilled migrant category and score 120 points. For occupations appearing in Schedule 4, qualifying applicants must apply under sponsored (State nomination/Blood relation) or under regional programs and score at least 120 points.

Applications and Analyst Programmer appears in both Schedule 3 and 4 and hence applications can be made under any the options. This professional basically caters to writing, testing and maintenance of computer programs so as to ensure the needs of the application for the end users. Please note that an applicant may meet some of the main duties/tasks mentioned below. They need not meet ALL duties, tasks and responsibilities mentioned herewith.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • To participate while writing specifications for computer systems and bringing out the elements of the computer programs.
    Examining the problems and objectives which have been mentioned by the system designers.
    Assisting the system designers when it comes documenting the user requirements as well as researching them.
    He might have to assess, analyze, review as well as rewrite programs along with the component modules for these programs.
    He would be expected to translate the validated solutions which are catered to by the systems designers into program specifications in detail.
    He would be asked to test the cogency as well as the program logics and make changes accordingly.
  • Apart from the above, there might be additional responsibilities which the immigrant might be expected to perform. These tend to vary according to the employer.


  • A bachelor’s degree or higher education or a minimum of five years of relevant work experience is a must.
  • In rare cases, both qualification as well as relevant experience is required to qualify for the same.

Above all, Australia being one of the developed nations on the globe, some aspects such as those relating to basic standards of life and work conditions could be expected to be good. To know more, write to us at [email protected].

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