Proposal for Denmark Immigrants Receive Low Incomes!

The troubles for Denmark immigrants do not seem to end at all. To add another feather to their worries, a new proposal has been introduced for them. Karsten Lauritzen, one of the immigration spokesman belonging to the Ruling Liberal Party-Venestre , has said that migrants must be paid just 50 Kroner for an hour rather than paying 100 Kroner which is the usual income of a native worker. He also said that this new measure is in the favor of immigrants only because higher wages are not being paid to them by the employers and lower salary can help them get the jobs.

As per the Immigration Spokesperson, it would be in the interest of the immigration which would ease out the difficulties for them in getting employment. He further said that high pay-packages are like a barrier to them and we have to pay them less for them to get the jobs. Some have really appreciated this suggestion and have given consent. While some have really opposed it by saying that this is going to be an unfair deal with the immigrants. In Venestre, this proposal has received a serious opposition from the people who feels that this move would be very discriminatory.

Birthe .R. Hornbech, Immigration Minister publicly spoke against this proposal though she is from the department only. She said that the new proposal does not go parallel with the nation’s policy which believes in equality amongst its residents. Hence, it becomes a duty of the Denmark government to see everyone with the same eyes with no discrimination. She further commented that the proposal is “disagreeable” and sends across the message that it would cause a stigma amongst the immigrants.

There are about half a million immigrants in Denmark and amongst them, many are asylum seekers coming from conflict areas. There are many qualified Iraqis which include professionals like doctors, scientists and engineers who are jobless. All these factors have really made the immigration a critical issue in the country.

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