263312 Telecommunications Network Engineer ANZSCO (Australia)!

The ANZSCO list of occupations is filled with those occupations which are in high demand in Australia. Telecommunications Network Engineer is one such occupation present on the list. It is present in both Schedule 3 and 4. Therefore, the advantage lies with the applicant to fill under either of the categories, for which he or she qualifies to apply. Some of the specializations linked with this field are Communications Consultants, Communications Specialist (ICT), Telecommunications Consultant, and Telecommunications Specialist, to name a few.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Telecommunications Network Engineer is required to plan, design, build and configures devices related with telecommunication.
  • The applicant has to see to it that telecommunications systems interconnect properly with other systems.
  • He compiles engineering projects.
  • Selects and develops new telecommunications sites.
  • See to it that the configuration of the telecommunications hardware and software are proper.
  • Determines the arrangement of circuits
  • Analyses problems associated with the telecommunication devices and software and analyze their performances.


  • It is essential to have a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree or higher qualification.
  • OR a minimum of five years of experience in the relevant field or relevant vendor certification
  • In case of the exception, both experience, as well as qualification, is needed.

In addition, there are other responsibilities linked with this profession too. The applicant need to fulfill all the requirements mentioned here. Mail at [email protected] and know more.

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