Amendments to 457 Permit Do Not Impact Present Holders, Claims Immigration Australia

As per some new reports, for the second time Australia Immigration is informing the present permit holders that the fresh modifications made to the subcategory 457 permit will not impact them. But a spokesperson proclaimed that such people ought to observe the improvements made to the English language, apart from skills prerequisites, in a situation wherein they want to change their job, profession, or want an additional 457 permit. Every subcategory 457 permit submissions presented prior to July 1, 2013 but not concertized will be subject to the latest permit conditions and so will be every 457 permit petitions filed post the said date.

The spokesperson added that in certain situations additional proof to lay bare claims for a 457 permit could be needed. He also said that every petition presented for sponsorship, nomination, besides permit ought to online even as paper submissions would not be duly entertained anymore.

He further said that the improvements will not unfavorably impact most of the recruiters/firms which are utilizing the program in a proper way. But, the modifications will reinforce the administration’s ability to recognize and stop employer practices which are against the spirit of the 457 visa structure.

The spokesperson continued that in case the department has any concerns that a recruiter is not devoted to offering the needed training to the nationals or a nominated position is not real—he could be asked to furnish extra justification, prior to a nomination or sponsorship may be given green signal.

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