July 01, 2013 Australia Immigration SKillSelect Selection Round

July 01, 2013 Australia Immigration SKillSelect Selection Round marked opening of the SKillSelect program edition 2013-2014. Authorities had planned to shortlist 1150 people for subsection visa 189 federal independent permanent residential permits.

The targeted numbers were selected by the automated SKillSelect platform and as decided 1150 applicants were advised to go ahead with the filing of the documents to evidence the claims submitted by them in the first phase involving the creation and submission of expression of interest. These applicants have 60 days to revert back by submitting the desired supportings.

We advise you, that if you are also thinking of filing EOI this year then you should visit us once. We will render qualified advice on chances and probability of short listing priorities in your occupational code. It has been especially advised and indicated by Aussie authorities, you must go through credential assessment (involving academic accomplishments and professional practice exposure) prior to filing your EOI on skill scroll. Getting positive advice from assessment agency would help you to get appropriate marks in PBS for academic qualifications and employment exposure.

Advice provided by these assessment agencies is valid for period of 10 years and it plays pivotal role in next round of short listing process i.e. if you happen to miss out this step in prelude to submission of EOI and are selected for next round, then you are given barely 2 months to comply with conditions of submission of documents deemed necessary for substantiating your qualifications as per your submitted profile. Failing to adhere to deadline, offer would be withdrawn and the invite will be canceled.

Since July 2012, subsequent Australia Immigration SKillSelect Selection Rounds have followed predefined parameter of shot listing applicants on basis of ranks attained by them in individual trade pools. Authorities before every short listing round fix minimum cut-off mark and all selections are made on basis which qualifying EOIs are advanced to next stage.

In July 01, 2013 SKillSelect Australia Round minimum cut-off was fixed at 65 for section 189 and 60 for section 489.

Out of total short listed 1150 EOIs (for section 189) 800 i.e. almost 70% of selected profiles had scored 65 marks, while little over 200 had 70 marks. Short listings do indicate slight rise in competitive threshold mark but competition is more focused on 65 marks. On other hand 100 EOIs were selected for section 489 and applicants were sent to advance to next stage.

July 01, 2013 Australia Immigration SKillSelect Selection Round brings in good news for migrants in waiting.

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