Record Applications for 457 Visa Programs of Australia!

This year the 457 visa program is on the way to mark its one of the strongest years. Increased demand for overseas workers and flurry of job openings have pushed for record visa applications for the 457 immigration program.

The primary 457 immigration scheme has attracted 4200 applications so far till April 2011. The figure for the year has touched a total of 42,872 till April this year which is 4000 more applications compared to whole period of last year. The results so far exhibit the popularity of 457 visa category as a prominent avenue for employers to hire overseas skilled labors. The 457 immigration program is a great support to Australian industries especially in the mining and construction sectors when there is non-availability of local workers.

The surprise flood of applications for the 457 program is a direct effect of improved economic atmosphere in Australia catering for more financial activities pushing employers to hire more abroad skilled labors to fill available vacancies. Australia is flashing a strong job growth as revealed by the ANZ Job Index as well constant low unemployment rates in the nation.

The 457 visa category permits Aussies employers to recruit overseas skills for up to four years of time slab and is the best solution to avoid labor crunch. The figure of skilled workers and technicians migrating to Australia is around 70 percent under the 457 visa program.

Presently, 18,500 organizations employ overseas labors and around 70 percent of labors are employed in medium and small-sized businesses. If you are still waiting to lodge an application under 457 visa program then do it now. Mail your resume to [email protected] to get legal immigration assistance.

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