6 Afghans Arrested with Fake Passports

Six residents from Afghanistan were arrested at the Kolkota airport for faking as being Nepalese. They were found have forged passports and were booked on a Kingfisher flight to Bangkok. They were caught when an immigration official suspected fake passports.

Based on the suspicion, the officials typed in their passport numbers on the software system which showed the passport as being forged. More so, none resembled as people belonging to Nepal.

To check whether they actually belonged to Nepal, an immigration official tried to speak to them in Nepalese which they could not understand. This led them to being arrested and were interrogated.

Post questioning, it was found out that these people were on their way to Cambodia in search of better opportunities for life. They had found a local agent who provided them with the fake passports. These immigrants were then passed on to the NSCBI Airport police and would later be presented in the court.

This has led to the authorities suspecting a racked involved in creating fake Nepalese passports in the city. More so, this group has been found to be very active recently. In January itself, five people from Bangladesh were arrested on the same grounds.

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