UK Visa Rules Proving Chaos for Students!

The stringent UK student visa regulations are creating headaches for the prospective students who are intending to study in the UK. In addition, the rigid rules are damaging country’s reputation in a major way and causing frustrations all around!

According to statistics, more than 55% of the overseas students applying for the extension of their visas have this thinking that the application procedure is not decked with fast pace. Therefore, they find it slow and inefficient. More than 80% think that the Student Visa fee is not reasonable, in accordance to a study conducted by the UK Council for International Student Affairs. The report also says that the level of frustration has risen to a major extend for these students, who are facing unnecessary delays in the overall application and documentation process.

Those overseas students, who have applied for extension under the new Points Based System, have their experienced stored in this survey. A majority of them are not found happy, courtesy the stringent rules and regulations. Since October last year, it has become essential for all the overseas students from outside EU to apply for a new visa, provided they intend to change where they are currently studying.

Also, almost half of the students applying for the visa find the application form extremely difficult to fill. 40% said that it took them almost two months to receive their passports after the submission of their forms.

The rigid regulations are not only creating chaos amongst the students but would also curb down the number of students who are intending to study in the UK.

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