Qatar Suspends its New Visa Amendment

Qatar has suspended its new visa plans, affirms an official airline source. If implemented, it would have become mandatory for the citizens of several countries like U.S. and the UK, to name a few to get Tourist and Business Visas before making their visits to the country. But the new visa scheme has been put on hold for the time being.

Also, the news of these plans coming into action last month drew criticism from not only the tourist but airlines related businesses in a major way. The new rules were speculated to come into action from May1.

The country’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that it would provide some time to the nationals of the other countries before implementing the new rules. Hence, the decision came after the Ministry was requested to continue with the old regulations. Qatar now says that the visa-on-arrival facility will now remain as it is, till any further announcement.

Also, Qatar News Agency (QNA) quoted an official from the Foreign Ministry elaborating that there would be no further changes in the existing “Visa on Arrival scheme,” a news that would provide a huge sign of relief to a majority of airline business along with the nationals of the concerned countries.

Although no confirmation has been provided from the Qatar government officials as to why the visa-on-arrival scheme was barred. In addition, the move would have curbed down the financial growth of a renowned business hub, a country called Qatar, in addition to minimizing its tourism industry in a major way!

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