A big NO to “Unscrupulous” Agents

The British Council has brought several nationals in collaborate attempt to stop the inflow of bogus students to the prospective immigrating countries. Amongst those nations are UK, US and Australia.  The crux of the matter is to keep immoral agents away as long as they don’t allow the entry of undocumented applicants into the country.

This is an international initiative; hence the issues are taken in a serious manner, bringing the nations together for the fist time, in an attempt to stop the bogus agents to come into action. The council confirmed that widespread distress regarding these untruthful educational agents who leave no stone unturned in bringing illegal students into the UK.

While Universities have confirmed that plenty of agents are authentic enough and also provide genuine students to the country, which in turn, benefit both the student as well as the nation in a mutual manner. But there are certain agents which submit false documents and assist people in playing with the Student Visa System of the country.

Hence, it is one of the reasons as to why UK have time and again planned to strengthen its immigration rules and come out with strategies of barring undocumented students to the country.

The British council has affirmed that an international approach is required to implement a far as tackling the fraud cases are concerned. Other concerns are linked with agents who send fake students from countries like India, Pakistan and other countries from Africa.

Even honest applicants are not spared and they too are misled by the dishonest educations consultants.

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