Arizona Immigration Law: Protests from Nationwide, yet People Supporting

As a protest against the clamp down of illegal migrants in Arizona, the authorities from Los Angeles have finally confirmed of the ban regarding its business dealings with Arizona in the future. With this, LA is now the largest city in the United States which has enforced a boycott. At the same time, other cities and states are searching for answers to these protects as well as against the law.

According to the City Council members, around $8 million only in agreements with Arizona would be affected. Apart from this, $50 million worth of contracts would stay intact. However, it has been directed by the councilna for the heads of the city department to resist doing business in the future with Arizona or even those organizations with headquarters in the state. A vote in favor of the punitive measures by the City Council members was carried out. The end result was a vote of 13-1. With the above measures, all forms of travel would also be stopped.

The new immigration law in Arizona would be implemented from July end which gives the authority to the local police to act as immigration agents detaining anyone who looks suspicious.

As per a spokesperson from the Jan Brewer, the Arizona governor, this boycott would simply lead to more economic liabilities on the local people of Arizona. More so, the burdens on these people have also been due to the lack of efficiency by the government especially in securing the borders.

Many cities have given a thought to finding answers instead of protesting or boycotting against the law. Some such cities include Minnesota, San Francisco and Saint Paul.

Not much support has been offered for this new law. This is especially true for the borders of Mexico. The main reason behind this is that some cities have Hispanic communities which have been established for a very long time. This is especially true for Texas, California and New Mexico. Thus, such ideas are highly opposed specifically those similar to the 1990s.

Apart from the above, the public in general was found to be backing the immigration law of Arizona. As per a study which was brought out by the Pew research Centre, 73% of the 994 people surveyed support the main objectives of this law. This study was conducted from May 6th to May 9th.

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