Iraqi Asylum Seekers Continue With Their Strike

Iraqi Asylum Seekers have commenced with their hunger strike at the Aussie Immigration Center. The Detainees are showing their anguish over the extensive timelines the immigration officers are taking to solve the claims of the asylum seekers.

At the same time, the people who are on strike have another issue on their mind that the Aussie immigration department might bar their applications from Iraq, especially after the government barred the applications from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. Hence, they have opted for hunger strike, in an attempt to seek out a solution for their claims.

One of the banners read “No Life without Freedom.” It clearly speculates that the detainees are eager to get their freedom in the form of decision from the immigration department. They don’t want to be a part of limbo. They were arrested by the Aussie navy officials and trafficked to the Christmas Island last year. Since then, the detainees have been fighting hard to meet their ultimate fate and listen to the ultimate decision.

According to the government officers, the amendments for the detainees from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan have been implemented keeping the aspect of security issues in mind.

Critics believe that it is not right to block women and children in detention centers with no hard reasons to prove. They say that plenty of detainees on the Christmas Island are on the verge of breaking out. Their conditions are getting worse and the waiting time is getting deeper day by day.

Similar strikes were seen on Christmas Island and detention center in Sydney as well.

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