Rs.1, 011-cr project approved in Immigration Industry

Indian government has finally decided to adopt an immigration system which would keep a strict record of the overseas immigrants coming to the nation on a regular basis. The project would cost some where around Rs.1, 011-crore in order to upgrade and enhance the existing immigration services and would be seen in action over the upcoming four and a half years

According to an official spokesperson, the project has been accepted and acclaimed and is termed as ‘Immigration, Visa and Foreigners’ Registration and Tracking’ (IVFRT). The motto behind implementing the project would be to allow the entry of genuine migrants inside the country. In addition it has been confirmed that the usage of advanced scanning machines and biometric systems would be inculcated, ensuring high end security from all the aspects.

The work in the first phase would be started very soon and would cover various check posts in Indian cites, along with London and Dhaka and Registration offices. The second phase would cover other places gradually. Phase one would see an investment of Rs 132Crore while the remaining would be invested in Phase 2.

The spokesperson confirmed that the new Immigration system came out after a deep understanding of various other immigration systems commencing in countries like the United States and the UK, to name a few. The target set to complete the whole project is by September 2014.

The project is seen as a huge boom in the Indian immigration industry, hence enhancing the position of India as one of the applauded tourist destinations of the world.

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