Woman Had To Prove Her Existence

Tania Ward, female from Southland has been employed, living with her family and undergoing a normal routine, until Immigration New Zealand termed her as a woman who does not exists!

She came to Invercargill with her family comprising of mom, dad and siblings when she was just 8 years old. She came from Newport and has been living in Southland since her arrival. It was when she applied for a citizenship in the country, the Immigration officers from the land of Kiwis informed that they had not a single record of her existence in the country.

She confirmed that the chaos occurred as she entered the nation on her parent’s passport, which created the concept of her non-existence. As a result, she had to rush to her old school and work areas to dig out her past records. She even submitted her marriage certificate to prove that she have been staying in the nation for the past so many years.

Now the issue has been resolves and the woman is relaxed after getting the citizenship in the Kiwi land. She said that she has given a lot to the country. She has been a parent, a teacher and a responsible resident of the country. In addition, the country has given her a lot too including education and plenty of opportunities.

She was one of those eight people who were given citizenship in a custom function arranged by Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt.

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