A fair Refugee System in Canada, Says Report!

It is a known fact that Canada is one of the most sought after destinations for immigration. Some of the reasons behind this include a developed economy, lower rate of unemployment, reasonable cost of living, multicultural society above all, flexible policies for immigration.

The above have been some of the key reasons for people from developing nations across the world seek opportunities for live in Canada. At the same time, this has also led many to seek unconventional routes to enter the nation. These routes cannot be necessarily considered as being legal way to enter the nation. And so, the problem of illegal migration crops in.

Over the years, this problem has been increased which has led to many asylum seekers in the nation who have been detained and are awaiting a decision on their case. On the other hand, prior to a proposal by the Harper government for revamping the refugee system in Canada, the local Canadians would hesitate at any of the decision which would cater to these asylum seekers being treated based on their nationality.

This has been proved by a research when Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister along with other authorities were considering the idea of bringing about different rules for those asylum seekers who belong to nations which are viewed as being democratic and are respectful of human rights. The research clearly projected that the local people would want a refugee system which is fair. The federal government had commissioned this report.

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