Secure Communities Program in Northern Virginia!

If looked into the local communities in Northern Virginia, Fairfax County can be termed as being standing apart when it comes to embracing Secure Communities. This is an immigration program which has been termed as being highly controversial which led to the anger of many human-rights organizations along with other local governments. As per these bodies, this program is very unfair in treating immigrants, subjecting them to deportation.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement have administered this program. It is a system for information sharing based on which the local police can gain access to check the immigration status of those arrested.

The Arlington County which is a neighbor to Fairfax had tried this program but argued that this program tends to bring about the lack of trust between the local residents and the law enforcement bodies. It tends to discourage people from calling the police to report crimes. Although, the Federal authorities initially claimed that Arlington might opt out of the program but now insist that if the county does not continue, it might lose out on the federal assistance for law enforcement.

On the other hand, the Sheriff’s Office of the Fairfax County now seems to have embraced as well as applauded the program. As per the spokesman, their outlook and approach towards the program is different. There would not be any form of profiling or any immigration laws to be enforced.

All in all, even if the program is viewed different, it would not be wrong to say that this can be considered as the softer version of the immigration law enforced in Arizona which has been termed as the most controversial till date. More so, appeals are yet to be heard in the court regarding the complete enforcement of this law. Let’s hope it is not the same with Secure Communities.

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