Abhinav’s Success So Far!

Abhinav commenced its Immigration Consulting Business on August 18th 1994. Since the date, the firm saw various seasons and several ups and downs. The team of “One Man Army” gradually flourished its business all over India and is currently in the process of becoming the leading Immigration and Visa Consultancy firms of the nation.

Abhinav as an organization has several branch offices all over India, with its head office located in New Delhi. The firm is attired with proficient Visa specialists who specialize in all kinds of visas for countries like Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, USA, to name a few. In addition, the firm is bedecked with separate segments namely Documentation Department, Marketing Section (both offline and online), Client Servicing, SEO Team and other professional personalities who leave no store unturned in serving the visa-related needs of the clients in the best way possible.

Talking about the website, the company revamped its Site on 14th August 2009. The task for the SEO team was to start everything from the beginning and thus the “Blogging Aspect” commenced on 3rd August 2009. The team of accomplished writers at Abhinav started doing what they could do the best – writing blogs on the Immigration world and acquainting the readers on these critical issues. Next, the responsibility was handed over to the SEO Team which promoted the website to greater heights in just few months. Thanks to all this, the Alexa ranking moved down to 25,239 from 80, 00,000, in nearly four months! The Blog (http://blog.abhinav.com/) is filled with nearly 470 posts and the site has witnessed more than 1, 50,000 niche visitors since April 2009! Above all, the Testimonials on the website speak out the praise and trust that the clients have in store for the company!

All this was not possible without the sheer guidance of Mr. Ajay Sharma, the principal immigration consultant at ABHINAV, who always remains with his employees and applauds them as a one big family!

Year 2010 holds new promises and hopes for everyone out there!

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