Australia Losing Status amongst Indians as an Applauded Study Destination!

The series of recent racial attacks on Indians has hampered the image of Australia in a major way. Be it as a tourist destination or as a study destination, Indians are losing their interest in the country, thanks to the misdeeds by a few Oz citizens.

A drop of 20 percent in Indian students traveling to Australia has been speculated in the upcoming year 2010. As Australia is bedecked with world class institutions and applauded faculty, it is not right to term the whole nation as a Racist Country. Offense by a few people has resulted in spoiling the reputation of the country as a whole, which in turn is not right!

According to a report by The Tourism Forecasting Committee, “Tourism” as a sector would see a growth in the coming year but “international student arrival” would decline on the other hand. As far as the Indian students are concerned, a fall of 21 percent has been predicted, which may lead to an economic loss of A$78 million in 2010, provided the slots are not filled by other overseas students.

Australia has managed to craft its reputation as a major study destination for children coming from all over the world. But recent racial attacks have ruined its position in a major way. A small segment of barbarous Oz citizens have blemished the image of their own country, which is not correct as the whole country has to pay the price for it!

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