The Long-Term Business Visa for New Zealand!

Long Term Business Visa popularly known as LTBV allows a business or an investor to settle down in the land of Kiwis after qualifying the eligibility criteria. The visa also opens the pathway to apply for New Zealand Citizenship at the later stages of your life and allows the applicant to stay as a self-employed person for up to three years. Given below are some of the mandatory requirements that need to be fulfilled before applying for the Long-Term Business Visa:

  • Financial Aspects: The main applicant is required to have sufficient funds in order to invest in the business and handle other financial needs linked with it. You can not take advantage of the benefits enjoyed by the permanent residents during the current span of your Business Visa.
  • Work experience: It is essential to have a relevant work experience, including qualifications, with respect to the business that you are planning to start in NZ.
  • Also, you are required to have a clear record, implementing that you have never indulged in any fraudulent activities ever before. You should have a sound business record in order to demonstrate your ability to run a successful business.
  • It is mandatory to get occupational registration in New Zealand.
  • An applicant needs to proof that the proposed business would benefit the New Zealand economy.

To enter New Zealand you need:

  • The applicant needs to qualify the health requirements
  • Should have a good character
  • Should have proficiency in the English language.
  • Have a good business plan (you can take guidance from an expert Immigration guru on this)
  • Evidence of ample bank balance

If you meet these conditions successfully, you may apply for the Long-term Business Visa for New Zealand. Hire an Immigration and Visa consultant and start implementing on your plans for migrating to NZ today!

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