About Canada Express Entry Points System Decoded

Canada Express Entry is not just another immigration programme but it is rather a system introduced to manage the immigration application for numerous economic programmes run by Canada. It has been introduced with the sole aim of facilitating the movement of the skilled workers and draw new skilled workers to meet the growing shortage of such professionals across several sectors.

Does the country attract you and you are impressed by the Canada Express Entry System, but do you really not understand its point based feature? If yes, then the article ahead will surely clearly many of your doubts and for brief understanding you can consult an immigration expert.

Canada Permanent Resident Card,

Canada Express Entry Points System

Canada Express Entry Points System or the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is basically an assessing tool that helps the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess the credibility of the candidates. On the basis of various attributes, each candidate can score up to 1200 points. Your CRS score decides if the IRCC will send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to claim Permanent Residency in the country.

Under the CRS the candidates are assessed on the basis of many attributes, such as skill transferability, core human capital factors, attributes of the accompanying spouse or a common law partner, qualifying job offer or a provincial or territorial nomination.

Note: A qualifying job offer from a Canadian employer or a Provincial or territory nomination will help you earn 600 points. Thus, your overall score will boost and for sure the IRCC will invite you to claim PR and you will get a maximum of two months to complete the paper formalities.

Following table will give you a more clear understanding how candidates can score points:

Candidates without accompanying spouse or a common law partner Candidates with a spouse or common law partner
core human capital Up to 500 points Up to 460 points (for the principal candidate) and 40 points (for the spouse or common law partner)
Skill Transferability Up to 100 points  ———
Provincial nomination Up to 600 points Up to 600 points
Qualifying job offer from a Canadian employer Up to 200 points Up to 200 points
Canadian education Up to 30 points Up to 30 points

Canada Express Entry Points System has clear parameters and candidates are assessed on the basis of their attributes. The system has done away with the old norm of ‘first come, first serve’, and now the applicants are considered on the basis of their capability to contribute towards the country’s economic development through their foreign degree and skills.

To be considered for the CRS, the candidates must qualify for one of the economic programmes, Federal Skilled Trades Programme, the Federal Skilled Workers Programme, and the Canadian Experience Class.

If you are eligible for one of these, but fail to score well in the CRS, you need not to worry! You can always work on your attributes and update the same, and if your present profile has been there for over 12 months, you can create a new profile.

It is likely that candidates with a spouse or common law partner do much better in the CRS as compared to individual immigrants.

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