Want to Become Permanent Resident in Australia? Check These 3 Steps!

Permanent Resident in Australia

Green Card is something that highly motivates the global community of migrants. Whether it is offered by the US, or Canada or for that matter Australia, the status is much sought after and highly cherished. And, Green Card is nothing but the Permanent Resident status. Let’s discuss more about Permanent Resident in Australia.

Permanent Resident in Australia
Permanent Resident in Australia

A permanent resident enjoys numerous facilities and benefits. Actually, he is almost like a citizen in the country and barring a few rights he enjoys almost every right that greets the citizens. No wonder, as mentioned before, it is a highly prized commodity.

It is well known and accepted that Australia is one of the most desired countries in the world for immigration and Permanent Residency (PR) due to its progressive economy and relaxed environment. Thus, a large figure of the migrants applies to become permanent residents in Australia every year.

However, as per the guidelines and requirement criteria enlisted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of the country, only a limited number of immigrants are able to realize their dream of living permanently in the overseas hotspot.

If you are also one amongst the thousands of migrants who want to become a permanent resident in the highly developed global economy, then this article will guide you through the steps to live your dream easily and quickly.

The key steps to obtain a PR in the Kangaroo Land are as follows –

Step 1 – Know the Process

As per the DIBP, the immigration process is based on a point based system. Applicants with higher points have higher chances of securing a visa. Additionally, you must also meet the basic eligibility criteria to submit an application for a visa.

Step 2 – Know the Rules

Apart from a point based system, if you want to get permanent residency in the country, you must also know about the various visa subclasses or categories to plan your immigration better. For every purpose of living in Oz, there is a specific visa category for the foreign migrants. Thus, one must carefully choose the right visa subclass, to migrate easily and quickly.

Step 3 – Know the Essentials

When it comes to migrating permanently to the hotspot, there are certain minimums which every applicant must ensure to live their dream. From finding their skill relevancy to submitting an Expression of Interest (EoI) to the DIBP, you would also be required to submit health documents, language proficiency, educational certification, etc.

So, these are three key steps to plan your migration and become permanent resident in Australia in a nutshell. Needless to say, the actual procedure requires careful planning, proper execution, professional consultation and guidance. However, there is no need to worry, as the sooner you start, the better is to get familiar with immigration laws and regulations of the nation.

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