About Canadian Immigration Federal Skilled Worker Category 2013

There are several ways of immigrating to Canada. One can go under investment/ entrepreneurship program or one can go for students permit but the most in demand visa category is Canadian Immigration Federal Skilled Worker Category 2013. This is because it gives you the permission to live in the country and earn your livelihood in the country itself.

I know the scheme was on pause since 1st July 2012 but recently CIC i.e. Canadian Immigration and Citizenship department declared that they would start accepting applications under Federal Skilled Worker Program from 4th May of this year. However, immigration department has made certain changes in the policy and eligibility criteria.

This year applicants need to sharpen their language skills. Priority will be given to the youth immigration applicants. As we, all know that this is a point based visa program; maximum weightage has been given to the language skills i.e. 29 points. Yes, I know it sounds too much but there is segregation of points between two languages. The official languages of Canada are English and French. Applicants need to select one language as their first language, which means the language they are better at and another language will automatically be their second language. First language can make you earn max twenty-five points while second language can make you earn max four points. Each point earned by you will take you closer to the total threshold value.

To prove your proficiency in these languages you will have to go through two tests. For English you have the option of picking one from IELTS and CELPIP. For French you need to go through TEF (Test d’évaluation de français).

Limited number of applications will be received under Federal Skilled Worker Category 2013. Therefore, if you are willing to apply for this program you need to hurry up. Although the immigration department will start accepting applications from 4th May but till then you have to go through number of tests which also include medical check-up, criminal and background check up.

Another change is that CIC will give preference to those who have work experience of Canada. If you have a PhD from recognized Canadian University or you have completed two years of PhD via Canadian university than it can be beneficial for you. Work experience has its own minimum cut off level. If you have work, experience of Canada itself than you can expect few more points under the adaptability category. Along with language and age, another thing that was prioritized in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program is work experience in country.

Based on education, work experience, language proficiency, age and adaptability, you need to score at least 67 out of hundred. Minimum 67 percent is a must requirement of this program. Once you achieve a qualifying or better score, you may hope for your visa approval within six months or a year. After visa approval, you will be able to move to Canada permanently along with your spouse and children. If you feel that the process is complicated then you can consult an immigration expert. A good immigration consultant can simplify the process for you and can guide you systematically for the whole immigration process.

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