Eligibility Requirements for Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa, something we have been anxiously waiting for. Now as it’s been declared by Canadian immigration and citizenship department that from 4th may 2013 it will start accepting application you must know about the recent changes made in the eligibility criteria.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa, Eligibility Requirements 2013 has been changed for the benefit of country’s economy and to make a better decision for the suitability of the employees. Now more weightage is given to the language proficiency and age of the applicant. Country’s citizenship and immigration department prefers younger youth as they are considerably more adaptable and have more number of years to support Canada’s economy.

Languages that can add credit to your application are English and French. If you are extremely good at one of these languages and just good at other one then your language knowledge can make you earn twenty-nine points. As this is a point-based visa you need to score a threshold value to qualify for this particular visa. Language is most important factor to decide your employability in Canada or in any other country. Other factors deciding eligibility criteria are work experience, educational qualification and adaptability.

Work experience of last ten years is considered. You need to have at least one year of full time work experience or equivalent with in last ten years. There is cut off for work experience department itself. You need to rise above that bar in order to reach close to the qualified list. If you qualify for arranged employment or get a full time permanent job offer from a Canadian employer then also you can qualify for the work experience quota at least.

Next is academic qualification. Your education can make you earn max twenty-five points. When it comes to score, education stands just behind language knowledge. Language proficiency scores are divided in to two categories, which are first language and second language. Twenty-five points are for the first language or you can say the language you are better at and four points are for the second language. So choose your language accordingly.

Adaptability is decided based on your previous time spent in Canada mentioned in the form. Just qualifying under the eligibility criteria is not enough..

As applicants are allowed to bring their spouse and the children along with themselves their language proficiency also matter. If they are good at official languages of Canada then it will add points under the adaptability parameter.

As the Federal Skilled Worker visa provides permanent residence to the immigrants under this category, you will have access to the medical and healthcare facilities in country. Moreover, immigrant under this category will also be able to avail the educational and residential facilities. You need to score high points in order to compete with other applicants. A good immigration consultant can guide you and help you to score high points. Many good consultancies provide online assistance as well which makes it even more convenient as applicant do not have travel and invest their time for all the small queries or confusion.

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