Procedure for Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa 2013 Procedures can be broadly categorized into three steps.

•  Get the Application Package
•  Pay the Fees
•  Submit the application form

There are some steps within these steps, which you will know via reading this post. Let’s begin with application package. This package includes all the forms and applications you need to fill for the process. It also has an instruction-guiding booklet, which you will need to fill out your details in the form. To completely fill this form you need to go through certain number of test. These tests are there to check your language proficiency, medical background and criminal background.

Language test is to check your knowledge of Official Canadian languages which are English and French. You must have a good knowledge about these languages. Firstly, because it will make you score good points under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa program and secondly, it will improve your employability in English speaking countries which includes Canada. Language with better proficiency can make you earn maximum twenty-five points and the language you are not that good can make you earn four points. Criminal background check up is required for the safety of Canada.

You must attach all the requisite documents with the form. It is suggested to go through guide booklet and adhere to the instructions while filling the form. Once you are done with all the forms, tests and documents then you should check your score. This can be done with help of an immigration consultant or consultancy. Then you can move on to second step and submit the fee.

Next step is to submit a completely and correctly filled application form along with all the needed documents. If you face any difficulty during this whole process then you may contact an immigration consultant. You must prefer a certified and experience Canadian Immigration expert. Experienced consultants can provide you proper guidance throughout the process and can simplify the whole procedure. In case you contact them on time then they might help you to improve your skills in accordance to the eligibility requirement of Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program.

If your visa is approved then you will get the opportunity to be selected as skilled workers and permanent residents of Canada based on your academic qualification, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability and other parameters. This visa isn’t for you if you are willing to live and work in Quebec. As it allows you to live and work in any Canadian province or territory except Quebec.

For those who are willing to work and live in Quebec there is a separate category. If you get your visa approved under this category then you will be known as “Quebec-selected” skilled workers. As this year Canada Immigration and citizenship department has put limitation on the number of applications under this program, the competition has become tougher. The process is little complex but with help of proper assistance it can be simple and quick. Early preparation will also provide you an edge in the competition.

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