Ottawa, Washington DC Ink Permit & Immigration Data-sharing Accord

In an important development, the United States & Canada have lately inked a fresh sharing deal to apparently mutually use finger-prints, names, country of origin, birthdays, snaps, and certain other key facts of the immigrant applicants & permit aspirants to either nation.

Reportedly, the US envoy to Canada, along with the Canadian immigration minister, inked the deal, making it possible for both the involved countries to share important facts & figures from those third nation people, who file a petition for a permit or visa to take a trip to either country.

Thanks to the said arrangement, when a person submits a visa-submission for the US permits, and/or citizenship in the said country, the government authorities in the US capital will send across an automated appeal to the Canadian authorities to recognize immigration data–like formerly failed refugee claimants, people making efforts to gain admission under fake names & the exiled people, etc. The same procedure would be applicable in the case of Canada when a third nation citizen files a petition for Canadian permits or claims refuge.

Biographic facts & figures like name, date of birth and sex of the permit aspirants and refuge applicants will be shared by 2013 even as biometric information—like snaps & the fingerprints of chosen permit-candidates– will be eventually shared by 2014.

In addition, according to Ottawa & Washington DC, no information whatsoever will be accordingly shared on the citizens or permanent residents of either the US or Canada. Any data shared on the visitors and the seekers of refuge will be handled maturely, and much like other information sharing deals exchanged in agreement with the applicable laws of both the concerned nations.

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