All You Require To Know About Singapore Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) Scheme

Singapore is one of the global destinations, which, lately, has been attracting migrants from across the world on a large scale. Its EntrePass Scheme, introduced way back in 2004, is suitably tailored to woo businessmen from abroad. It is part of the nation’s overall plan to emerge a regional business centre and inspire the finest business and entrepreneurial brains to the shores of the country.

EntrePass, also called Entrepreneurs Visa, is required only in case the aspirants have to shift to the country, to run their new firms. Those who just wish to establish a firm in the nation, but who do not wish to physically shift to the country, don’t need the said pass.

Prior to incorporating a Singapore firm, one can duly apply for Entrepreneur Pass. Once the pass application gets sanctioned, the candidates are usually offered with a month or 30 days to integrate the proposed business, and also pump-in the share capital which may be required. So, the applicants are not required to invite incorporation costs until and unless the result of their Entrepreneur Pass gets revealed.

The Entrepreneur Pass enables the candidates to usher-in their family members (partner and unmarried kids below 21 years) to the country by duly applying for their dependent passes. The holders of the said pass are also entitled to duly apply for the prized permanent residency of the country.

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