New Law Mooted to Safeguard Immigration System of Canada

In a key development, an announcement, involving fresh legislation proposals, which must prove pivotal towards safeguarding the present immigration system of Canada, has been made.  The proposed law, introduced the other day, is tailored to suitably assist the immigration body keep watch on the immigration system to make certain that it remained quite flexible, to productively meet challenges which could engulf the nation.

The chief concerns the legislation include offering a tighter method to control human smuggling, enhanced flexibility in improving the asylum act, even as it will also require every visa candidate to put forward biometric information, with a view to traveling across to the involved nation. It is learnt that the new bill would assist the CIC make certain that the rather accommodating immigration system is not toyed with.

Meanwhile, a concerned minister was quoted as saying that though the people of the Maple Country are proud of the fact that the nation’s immigration and refugee programs are highly pro-immigrants, they do not kindly to those who abuse the nation’s munificence and pocket unfair advantage of the nation.

The minister added that the new legislation may make the present system better and more appealing for those who could be interested to shift base to the Maple Country. He further said that to continue to enjoy the backing of the people of Canada, for the nation’s generous immigration and refugee systems, it was imperative that it was proved that the immigration program of Canada was generous and run well, and that there was no scope for any transgressions whatsoever.

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