Access to the Pursuit of Regulated Professions in Denmark: Non-EU Nationals!

If anyone out there is willing to immigrate to Denmark and engage yourself in a regulated profession there, you need to take care of certain things. Well, a regulated profession in Denmark is a profession where you have to fulfill a number of requirements, which have to do with your professional qualifications. If you meet those requirements, then only you are eligible to pursue that regulated profession in Denmark. If you have professional qualifications, either through education or work outside Denmark, you can get your qualifications assessed by the authorized agency in the land of Danish in order to pursue your profession there.

Here in this article, we will focus on the rules and regulations to which the non-European Union, as well as non European Economic Area applicants are entitled to in order to be eligible for a regulated profession in Denmark. Let’s proceed to them.

First, a non-European Union or European Economic Area national is required to file an application in order to be able to pursue a profession with the concerned/authorized Danish body. Along with the application the applicant must also submit other credentials that support his/her professional qualifications. Once the competent authority received the application and documents, it proceeds with further assessment of the qualifications and determines if that particular profession is recognized by Denmark or not. After this, the authority decides if the applicant can be awarded with a permit to pursue the profession in the country, which is called Authorization.

Learn about the application process

Before a person proceeds with the application procedure, it is recommended to check out the official website for the Danish Agency for International Education. Every detail of the procedure, as well as application form for various professions should be on the website. Although, some may not find application forms for certain professions. In that case, they can write to the authorized agency stating about the exact profession they want to be authorized for, along with the contact information for further convenience!

Credentials required at the time of filing application

Well, each and every regulated profession in Denmark requires different credentials. In this case also, prospective applicants are recommended to visit the official website of the Danish Agency for International Education. However, usually in most cases, an applicant is required to provide the competent authority with the following credentials:

  • An application for the access to pursue a regulated profession
  • A nationality proof
  • Documents supporting the qualifications
  • List of subjects the applicant has studied
  • A certificate from the country is required where the applicant has been authorized as qualified for the profession
  • Experience certificate on that particular profession

Apart from the aforementioned credentials, the applicants may be requested by the authorized agency to provide them with other details like, character certificate and a document that supports a clean criminal background.

Other details regarding documentation

  • In most cases, credentials are required as certified copies, sometimes in original.
  • The embassy in the applicant’s home country or authorized public organization must certify all the credentials.
  • All the documents should be presented in original language. If not in original language, then in Danish or English translation.
  • Certain credentials must be translated by authorized translator in the home country of the applicant, or by the country’s embassy/competent authority. If the credentials are translated in any other way, they must be certified by the country’s embassy.
  • Not all credentials must be translated, for example, the passport.
  • Two copies of every certified credential must be submitted.

After the assessment of the qualifications, the authorized Danish agency comes up with their decision regarding the applicants’ Authorization. If the competent authority gives a ‘Positive’ decision, then it means an applicant gets full access to pursue his/her profession in Denmark, with same terms as Danish nationals are entitled to.

A ‘Conditional’ decision implies full authorization to take up a profession in Denmark. However, in this case, the competent authority may ask the applicant to take up an aptitude test/supplementary training/an adaptation period in the land of Danish.

When there is a ‘Negative’ decision, an applicant is denied with authorization to pursue a regulated profession in Denmark. This implies that the applicant is not qualified for the profession he/she has applied for.

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