Acquire USA L1 Visa Services in India Offered by Expert Consulting Company

The US L1 Visa is a non immigrant Intra Company transferee visa and is valid only for short period of time. Depending on the applicant, such as for citizens of Iran, it is valid for three months. However, the citizens of countries, like India, Japan and Germany may acquire the same for up to five years.

It allows organizations operating from the US office and overseas offices to easily transfer their certain employees from their overseas office to the US office, for a maximum period of seven years. Initially, the visa is issued for three years.

It can be further extended to four years, provided the applicant has worked with either a subsidiary or a branch office of the US Company outside of the country, for a minimum of one year, in the last three years. Under the category, there are two different types of employees who may be sponsored for US. These are: Managers or executives (L-1A) and specialized knowledge staff (L-1B).

From India, a large number of people aspire to migrate to the US. India is a country of ambitious and qualified applicants. A lot many people are working on the designation of Mangers/executives or as a specialized knowledge staff who time and again explore opportunities for US Immigration.

It’s rather easy to obtain USA L1 Visa Services in India by Expert Consulting Company. Expert Consulting Company provides individual proper guidance as each applicant is unique. Hence, it is ensured that applicant’s preparation maximizes his chances of successfully getting the L1 Visa.

In India, USA L1 visa services are provided by many Expert Consulting Companies. For the specific category, the country has tough immigration rules and regulations that are complex in nature and can be difficult to understand by those migrating to the country. Experts provide timely and effective solution and assist you in getting the L1 Visa.

With several years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, they are capable of providing easy migration passage. Their success rate is high as they are completely dedicated towards the needs of the applicants. Their main goal is to provide applicant satisfaction.

They can help you get through Blanket option as well, that was introduced to meet the requirements of large multinational companies that easily pre qualify to transfer their employees. Expert Consulting Company help them get their blanket approved, and once the blanket gets approved, they may easily transfer L1 employees even on the very short notice without filling a separate application.

The services of these experts are not limited to providing their expertise to large companies but they also provide their expertise to small and even start up ventures, to expand their business activities in the US.

Anyhow the L1 Visa is not limited to few countries that the US share treaties with.

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