Benefit from USA L1 Visa Services in India by Expert Consulting Company

There is no dearth of overseas immigration-motivated candidates who usually look for offshore movement because they have a strong penchant for foreign countries. There are many others who feel that moving to other country will benefit them monetarily and improve their living standards. The dreams always come like flashes to such minds that are dynamic, hard working and they are waiting to make a mark.

The USA L1 Visa Services in India by expert consulting company have helped many dreams meet with their ultimate reality. These firms have helped aspirants move to US, without hassle. So, let’s discuss this time on the prospects and way around of LI Visa immigration that helps people to land up in the US companies that are based in the US soil.

Generally, this style of visa holds good for those employees who are working in subsidiaries, affiliates, branches and undertakings of US companies based across the world. To avail the advantage of the L1 Visa, the incumbent should be directly involved in any US based company in their home land, and he should have managerial or executive position to help him be rendered eligible for movement.

In case you want USA L1 visa services in India by expert consulting company, having some rough idea about the immigration would always put you over an edge to streamline your movement.


  1. If you want to avail the L1 Visa for the US, you need to be associated with any US based company in your homeland.
  2. You would be working in the US and the stay would be for a specified period of time.
  3. You must be working for a period of one year in the overseas hotspot once you avail this visa for movement.

Spouse Movement

If the incumbent is moving, he can accompany his spouse and dependent children along with him for your stay in the US under the L1 Visa category.

Blanket Position

There are also instances where the blanket company can establish relationship with the US based company for streamlining the movement. Such relationship can be established by the company only if they fulfill the following requirement.

  1. An alien company can render itself to be eligible for sponsoring L1 Visa only if they are qualifying partners and they are engaged in trade and commerce with each other.
  2. If the alien company has an office in the US and they are there for more than one year.
  3. The alien firm has more than three branches in other countries apart from their own country.
  4. The alien company or petitioner must have at least got 10 L1 visa approved in the last one year for facilitating the movement.
  5. The alien company that is sponsoring the visa must have achieved combined sales of more than $25 million.

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