Action Needed By Obama Administration

The Immigration Law in Arizona has definitely created a buzz in the United States. The recent has been that seventeen other states are now filing similar versions of the law. These states include Ohio as well as Indiana. These claims of filing similar laws are more than enough to bring about the already extended hype on the issue.

Adding truth to these claims, the State Senator of Indiana Mike Delph who is a Carmel Republican has sort of pledged to present the bill which runs on similar lines to that of the Arizona. This would give the authority to the local police to check on illegal migrants. At the same time, it would not cater to racial profiling.

It is agreed that securing the borders should be the main concern. However, it is difficult to see how racial profiling would be avoided. This is because some or other form of racism would definitely creep in. At the same time, there are some who feel that without racial profiling, this law would be quite ineffective.

However, securing the borders should not be done at the cost of the resources of the state. It is a federal issue which requires attention from the centre rather than the individual state law forces.

Thus, it is high time that the Obama government pays some attention rather than issuing mere statements. This is especially when the local citizens consider the issue as high priority when it comes to being fair and their own security at all costs.

If an action is not taken by the concerned authorities, the individual states would continue to act as per their will. Thus, a check is a must or the outcome would not be so good. It would be completely devoid of any promise from the federal government which makes it a matter of high importance.

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