Immigration Policy for China

Known to be the fastest growing economy in the world, China is finally working on its immigration program with an aim to bring in more foreigners in its nation. This is supposed to better aid the development of its economy.

When it comes to immigration, it is important that the other countries who have been conducting similar programs must be taken as an example. This would help in maintaining global standards. Also, it would aid in maintaining the standards of the program.

Attracting foreigners such as skilled migrants, investors and other seagulls is of utmost importance. Seagulls refer to those individuals who are employed by multinational organizations and travel round the world to further increase the business prospects of the organization. This requires an immigration law that is competitive and sound at the same time.

However, as of now no concrete plans have emerged despite several meetings between the Ministry of Public Security, the Chinese People’s Public Security University as well as the Beijing Law Society.

When compared to nations in the west, there would be little changes in the legal aspects that would control the foreign investment pertaining to immigration. The countries in the west have specific laws when it comes to foreign investors.

But this would not be enough for the future since the immigrants would also have certain demands that are a must to be addressed. This is specifically true when it comes it comes to employment opportunities, education, customs and traditions amongst others.

The key aspect to be noted here is the classification of the immigrants into different sections similar to that of other nations. These include skilled and unskilled migrants, investors and so on. Based on these, the rules should be developed accordingly.

All in all, immigration to China would open many doors for the much needed boom to its economy.

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