Britain Soon to be Short of Workforce

Britain has one of its youngest Prime Ministers in the last two hundred years. At the age of 43 for both the Prime Minister as well as the Deputy Minister, it seems like the times of the young are here to stay. But if looked outside the Parliamentary walls, is it the same outside on the streets?

Post recession, recent studies have shown that the youth in Briton are getting anxious when it came to the less number of jobs available and the increasing taxes at the same time.

According to Aviva which is a leading health insurance company, around 54% are planning on immigrating to other nations in search of employment opportunities. Most of them prefer Australia but would want to shift on a temporary basis. Another 43% feel that working abroad for a year or so would help them through the recession. However, 20% prefer to work overseas for around three year and another 25% do not mind settling abroad.

As per another survey, known as the Third Annual NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Report states that many expatriates of British origin are happy to live abroad and do not intend to come back anytime soon.

Employment opportunities overseas cater to better incomes, less stress levels as well as better standards of living which provides for more leisure time. Of all the expatriates, 19% Brits wanted to get back home in Britain. This percentage has reduced when compared to the data collected in 2008 when in 26% of the people wanted to get back.

Additionally, most of the fresh graduates are opting for European nations such as France, Germany and Spain not only because of the jobs but this would also help them repay their student loans. With this, they would also be able to find jobs of their choice such as those in the creative sector and healthcare.

On the other hand, the aging population is also a major concern as the nation would be short of workforce. The average age of the nation was 39 years in 2008 which is being speculated to increase as per the Office of National Statistics.

23% of the Britain’s population would be above the age of 65 years by 2033 with only 18% who would be around 16 years of age or even younger. At that point of time, the average age would be 40 years.

With such problems rising ahead, it does not make sense to put a cap on immigration. The British government seriously needs to work on all its policies pertaining to immigration especially when the country would be the one in most need!

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