Accused for Olympic Ticket Scam Not Deported From Canada!

Reports say that 3 persons who were being taken into custody for the Vancouver Olympic ticket racket were not being sent back to their native land, Latvia. According to the spokesperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, one of the accused, named Arturs Abroskins who was involved in the $2-million racket was even freed prior to a decided two-day detention review, which was scheduled for May 19. The Canada Border Services Agency released him, but the Canadian court has asked him to leave the country before June 11 this year.

He was found guilty with the charge of cheating the Olympic organizing committee. He cheated the committee with more than $5,000 Olympic tickets. He was offered with a 3-month jail sentence and additional 3-month probation. The accused was in custody for twenty-three days.

Other two accused, Maris Latvijas Avens, whose charges were dropped later and Andris Stuks found guilty over for cheating the committee over $5,000 tickets. He was awarded with 1-month probation and a 1-day jail sentence. Reportedly, he was in custody for 1 month. He was ordered that he should not be seen the Vancouver since March 30.

As they were not deported from Canada, it seems that the country’s Immigration and Refugee Board will be answerable to all the questions pertaining the 3 cases. Reportedly, the three men came to Canada through Great Britain on their valid passports. There were part of the a ticket scam, which involved near about 30 persons, which used stolen Visa card numbers in order to purchase Olympic tickets to resale them.

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