Australian Tourism to Attract American Tourists to the Whitsunday Islands!

A new Australian tourism campaign will attract American tourists to the Whitsunday islands for their annual holidays. The islands are located on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The campaign is likely to target that particular American segment that spends a lot in the name of recreation. It would attempt to drift away the focus of the tourists from the conventional holiday destinations around the world like to the Australian island destination. The Whitsunday islands lie alongside the coastline of Queensland.

It is being confirmed that the campaign would be promoted online and through various other media like travel travel channels, with a number of appealing holidaying packages for their vacations at the Whitsunday islands. Some of the most famous islands of the cluster are Hayman, Dent, Whitsunday and Hamilton islands.

It is the very first time when the Whitsunday islands are being highly promoted, thereby recognizing as a prominent Australian tourist destination. The campaign will target the American travelers who are currently looking for exciting island vacations. The campaign is expected to catch the eyes of Americans via print medium, as well as online. As a matter of fact, the previous year the American tourist numbers visiting the islands grew by more than fifteen percent.

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