Chinese Asylum Seekers on the run from Villawood

According to the Immigration officials, six asylum seekers belonging to China have escaped the Villawood Detention Centre. In totally, nine people attempted to move out of the centre somewhere in the night around 03:30 am. However, the police managed to get hold of three out of the nine individuals, who managed to escape; rest search for the left six is still on the cards.

An official confirmed that the Chinese people who went on to breach the rules are not undocumented workers but were held under detention as they had breached the regulations concerned with their visas. Reports say that they didn’t come by boat or any illegal means. Opposition has mocked at this incident stating that occurrences of these kinds prove that the current system has reached its limit of breaking point.

Also, there are chances that the detention centre would be fine, if it is proved that the escape belongs to the incompetence by the Immigration department.

According to Scott Morrison, a spokesperson from immigration, the figure of people living in the detention centre has hiked by a huge margin.

Cases of these kinds have created various questions as to what all serious measures needs to be applied to curb down the illegal activities going on in the detention centers. In addition, strict measures are to be implemented to ensure that detainees are treated in the right manner without getting involved in breaching the security measures.

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