Flexible UK Immigration Policy Needed to Attract International Skills: Nick Anstee!

UK’s one of the prominent figures has voiced that the nation requires a flexible policy on the immigration front. The Mayor of the City of London has advocated that UK should have a flexible policy in terms of immigration in order to retain its position as the center of finances. According to Nick Anstee, a proper immigration policy would enhance the business environment of the City of London.

However, he has quite appreciated the UK’s new coalition government’s promise to make the most combative corporate tax regime among all the G20 nations. He asserted that UK can only retain its position in the international marketplace if it attracts the best overseas talents. And for this the nation needs a flexible immigration policy that can facilitate the foreign skills to enter the nation and meet its skill requirements. Obstructing these talents from immigrating to the nation just does not make sense, as said by the Mayor. By turning away the killed workers, UK would only harm it businesses, thereby the economy.

The City of London is known for attracting overseas workers, basically with its financial and professional services. Reportedly, foreign direct investment accounts for over a quarter of the London’s economy. Of late, many predicted that Asia may pose a threat to the London’s position as the financial center. The city’s Mayor is all hopeful of retaining London’s position in the global marketplace with the implementation of a more flexible immigration policy.

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